I am a product designer with over four (4) years of experience ideating and designing digital solutions in accommodation, logistics, socials and health industries to name a few. I currently lead the product design team at **CribMD.**

About Me

Hello, my name is Adediwura and I’m a product designer currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. During the day, I work remotely, leading a team of designers at CribMD (a U.S-based startup) where we are building the best online medical platform for Nigerians and Africa at large. I previously worked at Rhics Technologies (a U.K-based startup) where we built the MVP of a payments solution named Cadawada.

After work, I enjoy playing chess, spending time with my family, mentoring a few newbie designers or leading my fellowship folks in the Faith.


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Featured Projects

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**SchoolAxis** - A student accommodation platform

Frame 12987.png

CribMD - A digital health platform

Frame 12988.png

Giftie Mobile - Send gifts to anyone

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Grain Point - A farmer aggregation platform

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